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Over the past several years, the Colorado Corn Growers Association (CCGA) has advocated for and brought forth results that have meaningfully benefited our members and industry.However, without your help that could change.

Since 2020, Colorado farmers and ranchers have received nearly $2 billion in subsidies for Tariff, Covid, and disaster relief. This assistance did not magically appear, nor did the government willingly issue the relief money. These subsidies were a direct result of the hard fought efforts of the Colorado Corn Growers Association (CCGA), in alliance with the Southwest Council of Agribusiness (SWCA) and other agricultural commodity organizations.

Of the numerous program benefits, three principal subsidies are a direct outcome of the CCGA’s endeavors to benefit our members: the Paycheck Protection Program (P.P.P) and EIDL loans, drought disaster relief aid for 2020 and 2021, and assistance to Colorado regions affected by water restrictions.

As many may recall, P.P.P. was not originally eligible to agricultural producers. The CCGA immediately took action and organized a task force to advocate for our industry and petition that agriculture be included in this program. The task force comprised members from the SWCA, Texas A&M, and Combest Sell & Associates. Within weeks, the task force’s efforts lead to the eligibility of farmers and ranchers to apply and receive tax-free P.P.P. payments, of which nearly $300 million came into the pockets of Colorado Ag.

Recent drought conditions have taken a significant toll on the majority of farmers and ranchers in the West. In January of 2021, the CCGA requested that the SWCA support and lobby for disaster relief due to drought for the 2020 and 2021 crop years. With the support of the SWCA, that invocation passed through Congress and legislation was put into place. The benefit of those efforts is what is now ERP Phase 1. It is estimated that $170 million will be paid out in Colorado alone.

Water restrictions and limitations are affecting Colorado agriculture now more than ever before. To combat this, Colorado Corn Growers recently joined with the Republican River and Rio Grande River to facilitate $60 million of state funds to assist and aid producers in those regions with the many water issues they are currently facing.

In total, $530 million of relief money went directly to agricultural producers in our state as a result of actions taken by the CCGA. Your Colorado Corn Growers Association had a direct, unquestionable impact on Colorado agriculture. All of these efforts have been accomplished with no staff, no office, and no funds, other than membership dues.

Working in conjunction with the SWCA, the Colorado Corn Growers Association has had unprecedented success in the areas of disaster payments, crop insurance programs, farm bills, and within the state legislature. Additionally, through the SWCA, the CCGA has had input and influence in the design and administration of programs on the federal level. Your membership fees used to acquire our annual $12,000membership with the SWCA is invaluable. Your contribution to the membership is by far the greatest investment in Colorado Agriculture you as a member can make.

Additionally, the CCGA has worked with Texas Corn Producers to develop a TOP UP program to be inserted in the new farm bill and have also developed a new crop insurance program that has been introduced to RMA and is moving forward. Furthermore, as members of the SWCA, the Colorado Corn Growers Association has asked that within the new farm bill, a permanent disaster initiative be incorporated, similar to the SURE program in the 2008 farm bill. Once again, no funds, other than membership dues, have been utilized to fight for these matters so critical to the future and success of agriculture in our state.

Despite the many successes we have seen, we are now entering into a time of record high prices of fuel, fertilizer, and chemical, along with shortages of parts and supplies. This is uncharted territory for ag producers across the nation. In November of 2020, the Colorado Corn Administrative Leadership and the Department of Agriculture made the decision to no longer sponsor or share staff with the CCGA. The Colorado Corn Growers Association Board of Directors feel that we can no longer achieve the level of success we have previously seen without the support of staff and an office to respond to the growing difficulties our members currently, and will continue, to face.

Many producers may be surprised to learn that their check off dollars are not shared with the Growers Association, and it is critical that our members understand that no check off dollars can legally be used for lobbying. Most commodity organizations can and do bend the rules on some issues, such as regulations and education, but lobbying is solely in the hands of membership organizations, such as the CCGA. The funding to advocate for the interest of our industry is critical and is only maintained through membership dues and sponsorships. Between the clear necessity for office and staff, and the continued necessity to support our industry through lobbying, we are in the difficult position to now ask for sponsorships from our growers.

If you have benefited from programs brought to you by the actions of the Colorado Corn Growers Association, (most recently being the latest ERP payments coming in June and July) and want the CCGA to continue to pursue support and risk management programs, have continued membership with the SWCA, and have a say in the next farm bill, please consider filling out the form below. Colorado Corn Growers Association members’ and producers’ time is running short, and the time to act is now. We implore you to consider not only becoming a member, but a sponsor of the CCGA, so that we can continue to provide much needed, impactful assistance and support to our members through difficult times now and to come.

To ensure these much needed programs continue to benefit your operation, it is critical to for your operation to reinvest a very small portion of benefits back to the organization continually fighting to keeping these payments coming.

The following is suggested investment based on farm size in which equitably reflects the positive impact the Growers Association has made in Colorado.

Suggested minimum investment by Farm Size:

1. 3,000 Acres = $1000.00
2. 3,000 – 10,000 Acres = $5000.00
3. 10,000 < Acres = $10,000.00

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